SBA (Santa Barbara Amorphous Silica)

SBA silicas possess ordered structures that contain uni-dimensional mesopores of uniform size ranging from about 4 to 30 nm. These mesoporous silicas have uniform and adjustable pore size, thick pore walls, superior hydrothermal/thermal and mechanical stability, high surface area, high pore volume and open pore structure. Due to their high hydrothermal stability and thick pore walls, they are widely used as a catalyst support in various reactions.


Glantreo has vast knowledge in the manufacture of Mesoporous Silica (MS). For almost 15 years we have supplied large quantities (up to kg quantities) of Mesoporous Silica to our Researcher and Industry partners.


In addition to the raw materials, we offer SBA functionalised with amine, thiol and titanium groups. We also offer all variations in pelletised formats. The pellets are available in 2mm x 5mm. Shape of SBA can be manipulated to produce hexagonal columns, short rods and long rods. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

SEM of SBA-16 with 60A pores

End applications include:

❖Waste water treatment for heavy metals


❖Gas adsorption


❖Targeted drug delivery


❖Supports for metal and enzyme catalysts


❖Scaffolds for cells to attach to

Product Data and References

Not sure what you want? Pick and mix with our customised multipacks of five 3g Mesoporous silica products.


Typical Physical Properties SBA-15 & SBA-16

Particle Sizes100um & 150um (Ti Doped)100um
Particle MorphologyHexagonalCubic
Pore Sizes40A - 120A60A
FormatsPowders & PelletsPowders
ChemistriesRaw, Amine, Thiol & Ti DopedRaw

Product Variations Available SBA-15 & SBA-16

Below you will find the different Product variations in our SBA range. In order to make them easy to find we have added a search function. To narrow down your selection you can search within a table.

Product CodeTypePore MorphologyFormatParticle SizePore sizePack sizeChemistry
PSBA1510040R-5SBA-15HexagonalPowder100um40A5gRaw Silica
PSBA1510060R-5SBA-15HexagonalPowder100um60A5gRaw Silica
PSBA1510080R-5SBA-15HexagonalPowder100um80A5gRaw Silica
PSBA15100100R-5SBA-15HexagonalPowder100um100A5gRaw Silica
PSBA15100120R-5SBA-15HexagonalPowder100um120A5gRaw Silica
PSBA1610060R-5SBA-16CubicPowder10um60A5gRaw Silica
PSBA1510040R-10SBA-15HexagonalPowder100um40A10gRaw Silica
PSBA1510060R-10SBA-15HexagonalPowder100um60A10gRaw Silica
PSBA1510080R-10SBA-15HexagonalPowder100um80A10gRaw Silica
PSBA15100100R-10SBA-15HexagonalPowder100um100A10gRaw Silica
PSBA15100120R-10SBA-15HexagonalPowder100um120A10gRaw Silica
PSBA1610060R-10SBA-16CubicPowder10um60A10gRaw Silica
PSBA1510040R-50SBA-15HexagonalPowder100um40A50gRaw Silica
PSBA1510060R-50SBA-15HexagonalPowder100um60A50gRaw Silica
PSBA1510080R-50SBA-15HexagonalPowder100um80A50gRaw Silica
PSBA15100100R-50SBA-15HexagonalPowder100um100A50gRaw Silica
PSBA15100120R-50SBA-15HexagonalPowder100um120A50gRaw Silica
PSBA1610060R-50SBA-16CubicPowder10um60A50gRaw Silica
PELSBA1510060R2X5-5SBA-15HexagonalPellet100um60A5gRaw Silica
PSBA1510040Ti-5SBA-15HexagonalPowder150um40A5gTi Doped
PSBA1510040Ti-10SBA-15HexagonalPowder150um40A10gTi Doped
PSBA1510040Ti-50SBA-15HexagonalPowder150um40A50gTi Doped


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