Hollow Silica Particles

Glantreo’s hollow silica particles (HSPs), are high quality hollow microstructures with high specific surface areas, capsulation capacities and permeation. Their hollow cavity, mesoporous shell and large surface area benefit applications across several fields, including drug delivery, battery anodes, catalysis, thermal insulation, and functional coatings. Hollow silica particles also have a low refractive index (1.46) compared to solid silica particles, due to the large volume of air trapped inside them, which makes them appropriate for applications where a transparent functional coating is needed on glass or polymer surfaces.

These particles are available in 2 different particle sizes (500nm and 1000nm) with shell thickness between 10 to 20nm and with 2 different pore sizes (2nm and 4nm). Glantreo has been producing quality nanomaterial for 10 years in an ISO 9001 certified operation.  Technical support is always at hand and a quick delivery of your order is assured.

Product Data and References

Applications of Hollow Silica Particles

 ❖Drug Delivery
❖Thermal Insulation
❖Energy Storage/Battery Applications
❖Super hydrophobic coatings
❖Support and protection for catalysts

For more detail see Product Data and References

SEM of Glantreo Hollow Silica Particles

Features & Benefits

Particle Size:
The average particle size of Glantreo’s hollow silica particles is 0.5-1 um . The large cavity, size and low density to surface area, providing plenty of surface for functionalisation and to load drugs or dyes into.

Shape and Uniformity:
Hollow silica particles are completely spherical with a uniform average particle size distribution Due to the monodispersity of the particles, loading drugs and other molecules of interest can be performed with efficiency and reproducibility.

Batch to Batch Reproducibility:
Each batch is produced under strict quality controls. Errors that commonly occur during mass production are eliminated during the individual packaging process.


Typical Physical Properties

Particle Size (nm)Pore Size (nm)Pack Size (Min)Product Code