Eiroshell™ RP Columns

Glantreo are a small agile innovative company with the ability to produce rapid prototypes. We have all the building blocks, which build synergistically to create next generation chromatography.

We have advanced each step from silica to column by ensuring our provenance for every building block and creating a quality system check for each column. Thus Glantreo have developed a remarkable range of HPLC columns, with excellent efficiency, superb separation, for use over a range of pH.

Our technology platforms and quality assurance system has developed a tight specification on pore and particle size, generating columns with exceptional high plate numbers yet low back pressure. Our proprietary silica and surface ligands deliver to a broad array of separation scientists. Increasing throughput whilst providing longer lasting columns and less stress on component parts.

Our base EIROSHELL platform has been expanded to cover columns that are suitable for reverse phase separations. By controlling all the building blocks going into the column we can deliver a superior product to our customers.

Product Data and References

Typical Column Properties

ChemistryBi-phenyl, PFP, Phenyl-hexyl, C18, C8, C4
Hardware2.1 x 100, 2.1 x 150, 2.1 x 50, 3.0 x 100, 3.0 x 150 3.0 x 50, 3.0 x 250, 4.6 x 100, 4.6 x 150, 4.6 x 250, 4.6 x 50
Parcticle Sizes1.7um, 2.6um
Pore Size100A
Pore Volume0.25cm3g-1 - 0.35cm3g-1
Surface Area100m2g-1 to 130m2g-1
Carbon Coverage C18 - 8%
C8 - 5%
C4 - 3%