Dr. Laura Waters uses Glantreo materials for study

Name: Dr Laura Waters
Organisation: University of Huddersfield
Research Area of Interest: Pharmaceutical Formulation and Analysis

Glantreo Products Used: Mesoporous silica SBA-15 [PSBA1510060R-50], SOLAD™ [PNPP0.5NAR-10] & Eiroshell™ 2.6um, [PSPP2.6100R-10]

Contact Details:  email: waters@hud.ac.uk    Telephone:+44 1484 472190

Keywords: Pharmaceutical formulation Microwave Analysis
Hashtags: #Bioavailability #SustainedDrugRelease

Related Citations: LJ Waters et al EJPB:2013:85:3:Bpp936-41