SBA Product Listing

Glantreo has four different mesoporous silica product offerings, below you will find the different Product variations in our SBA range. In order to make them easy to find we have added a search function. To narrow down your selection you can search within a table.
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Product CodeParticle SizePore sizePack sizeChemistry
PSBA1510040R-5100um40A5gRaw Silica
PSBA1510060R-5100um60A5gRaw Silica
PSBA1510080R-5100um80A5gRaw Silica
PSBA15100100R-5100um100A5gRaw Silica
PSBA15100120R-5100um120A5gRaw Silica
PSBA1610060R-5100um60A5gRaw Silica
PSBA1510040Ti4-5100um40A5gTi 4%
PSBA1510040Ti8-5100um40A5gTi 8%
PSBA1510040R-10100um40A10gRaw Silica
PSBA1510060R-10100um60A10gRaw Silica
PSBA1510080R-10100um80A10gRaw Silica
PSBA15100100R-10100um100A10gRaw Silica
PSBA15100120R-10100um120A10gRaw Silica