Chromatography and making innovative materials for chromatography is the reason why Glantreo was setup in the first place. The company was initially founded to commercialise IP that was developed in University College Cork (UCC). This technology was further developed by Glantreo over a period of 18 months thereby creating a process for the manufacture of highly mono-dispersed silica particles for Chromatography. This IP was subsequently licensed to Supelco/Sigma Aldrich. The Glantreo Inside vision came to fruition when Supelco launched their Titan™ range of columns in 2013. Click here to read more.

Building on this success Glantreo set about doing a number of different activities.

Initially, we canvassed partners/customers and came to understand that some partners wanted better control over the silica media that was being used in their columns and therefore wanted to be able to make the silica themselves.

For others they just wanted to buy a product (silica, functionalised silica, or packed column) to further process or just sell to their customers. This being the case we therefore needed to be able to offer technologies for licensing and products for sale.

Superficially Porous Silica - Eiroshell™
Bio Column Eiroshell™ Product Listing - Glantreo