Glantreo GMP Silica Capability

Over the past 15 years Glantreo has established a proven capability of delivering silica based materials to:

+ Tight physical and chemical property specifications

+ Correct scale for customers from lab scale, through pilot to industrial scale

+ Highest customer standards with a track record of exceeding expectations

+ Quality standards required by our customers

Glantreo’s silica materials are used in a wide range of applications that include Chromatography, Drug Delivery, Energy, Catalysis and Bio Separations.

For most customers non-GMP versions of our silica materials is sufficient for their applications’ quality requirements.

For customers who require silica materials to be manufactured in a GMP environment we can also deliver on these requirements. These projects have been in the vaccine and oral delivery of pharmaceuticals. Our experience has shown that:

+ Sometimes Glantreo’s materials work well ‘off the shelf’ but other times it needs be customised to give optimum performance. This optimisation precedes GMP manufacturing.

+ We are open to making silica with your recipe or insights as a starting point.

+ The most important first step is to understand the customers’ requirements under CDA.

If you have a GMP silica requirement then please click on the Enquire button.

SEM of MCM (Mobil Composition of Matter)