Mesoporous Silica Multi Pack

If you need to try a small quantity of a few of our Mesoporous Silicas (SBA 15 & 16, MCM 41 & 48) then you can select 5 different products (or, for example, select the same product 3 times and another twice). The choice is yours.


Product Data and References

Typical Physical Properties

PurityParticle SizesParticle MorphologyPore sizes
99.99%10um - 100umHexagonally & Cubically Ordered30A - 80A

Product Variations

Product CodeDescriptionPore GeometryParticle Size (µm)Pore Size (nm)Pack Size (g)Chemistry
PSBA1510040R-50Hexagonally ordered SBA-15 type mesoporous silica.Hexagonal100450Raw Silica
PSBA1510060R-50Heaxgonally ordered SBA-15 type mesoporous silica.Hexagonal100650Raw Silica
PSBA1510080R-50Heaxgonally ordered SBA-15 type mesoporous silica.Hexagonal100850Raw Silica
PSBA1610060R-50Cubically ordered SBA-16 type mesoporous silica.Cubic100650Raw Silica
PMCM481030R-50Cubically ordered MCM-48 type mesoporous silica.Cubic10350Raw Silica
PMCM4110030R-50Heaxgonally ordered MCM-41 type mesoporous silica.Hexagonal100350Raw Silica
PSBA1515040Ti8-50Heaxgonally ordered SBA-15 type mesoporous silicaHexagonal150450Silica doped with Ti (8%)
PSBA1515040Ti4-50Heaxgonally ordered SBA-15 type mesoporous silicaHexagonal150450Silica doped with Ti (4%)
PMCM4815030Al-50Heaxgonally ordered MCM-48 type mesoporous silicaCubic150350Silica doped with Al
PSBA1510040R-5100um43Raw Silica
PSBA1510060R-5100um63Raw Silica
PSBA1510080R-5100um83Raw Silica
PSBA15100100R-5100um103Raw Silica
PSBA15100120R-5100um123Raw Silica
PSBA1610060R-5100um63Raw Silica
PSBA1510040Ti4-5100um43Silica doped with Ti (4%)
PSBA1510040Ti8-5100um43Silica doped with Ti (8%)
PSBA1510040R-10100um43Raw Silica
PSBA1510060R-10100um63Raw Silica
PSBA1510080R-10100um83Raw Silica
PSBA15100100R-10100um103Raw Silica
PSBA15100120R-10100um123Raw Silica
PSBA1610060R-10100um63Raw Silica
PSBA1510040Ti4-10150um43Silica doped with Ti (4%)
PSBA1510040Ti8-10100um43Silica doped with Ti (8%)
PSBA1510040R-50100um43Raw Silica
PSBA1510060R-50100um63Raw Silica
PSBA1510080R-50100um83Raw Silica
PSBA15100100R-50100um103Raw Silica
PSBA15100120R-50100um123Raw Silica
PSBA1610060R-50100um63Raw Silica
PSBA1510040Ti4-50100um43Silica doped with Ti (4%)
PSBA1510040Ti8-50100um43Silica doped with Ti (8%)
PMCM481030R-510um33Raw Silica
PMCM4110025R-5100um2.53Raw Silica
PMCM481030R-1010um2.53Raw Silica
PMCM4110025R-10100um2.53Raw Silica
PMCM481030R-5010um2.53Raw Silica
PMCM4110025R-50100um2.53Raw Silica

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