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Partner’s problem solved by applying Glantreo’s materials science technology

Microarray technology represents a multiplexed, high-throughput biomolecular assay which is poised to meet the demand for personalised medicine. As this technology allows for rapid and robust analysis, with increased resolution and scope for customisation compared to traditional diagnostic methods, it is only a matter of time before microarrays make the transition from R&D to the clinical setting. However, as the analyte repertoire is expanding and the physical sizes of biopsy samples are decreasing, there is a pressure on microarray technology to first become more versatile and more sensitive. This will require optimization of the current microarray slide format to produce a surface with enhanced molecular compatibility and possessing a variety of binding affinities.

At Glantreo we are constantly challenging our materials science brain by engaging with challenges, such as this one from the biomedical community, which require a cross-disciplinary approach. Glantreo was approached by a partner who wanted improved protein microarray slides. Whilst Glantreo had no experience in proteomics, our Partner did. What Glantreo could do (due to proprietary technology) was coat different substrates (in this case glass) with inorganic oxides. The Partner recognised this and after initial discussions and paperwork we entered into a cycle of rapid prototyping and Partner testing which culminated in a product that meets the Partners requirements to date. The same proprietary coating technology has also been used to coat medical device parts in order to activate and prepare the surface to improve the adhesion of subsequent coatings.

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