Selenium Nanoparticles (SeNP)

Glantreo’s highly monodispersed SeNP are available in a number of sizes including, 250 and 350 nm diameters. Absorbance wavelengths of these SeNPs have  lambda max. values at  577 nm and 640 nm respectively. Absorbance at these wavelengths gives the SeNPs a strong red colour, which along with their  compatibility for passive protein conjugation, makes them ideal candidates for biological labelling applications, including lateral flow assays (LFA). Furthermore, the intrinsic fluorescence properties of Selenium nanoparticles allow them to be used in imaging applications. Finally, the anti-cancer, anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties of selenium nanoparticles combined with their biological labelling properties place them in a unique position as a self-reporting therapeutic.


Quantities Available

5ml packs to >100 litre per month contracted

End applications include:

-Lateral flow assays
-Labelling and monitoring molecules
-Cell tracking
-Anti-microbial additive for skin care
-Supplement for animal feed
-Additive in fertiliser
-Anti-cancer and therapy delivery vehicle
-Solar cell

See link to paper below under Product Data and References for more in depth review.

Product Data and References

Typical Physical Properties

Particle Diameter80nm150nm250nm300nm
Λmax (nm)288 +/- 10508 +/- 10577 +/-10640 +/- 10
Theoretical Λmax as predicted by Mie Scattering (nm)288508577640
Optical Density (OD)19-2119-2119-2119-21
Presentation matrixWaterWaterWaterWater
Shelf life>12 months>12 months>12 months>12 months
Storage2-8 degrees Celsius2-8 degrees Celsius2-8 degrees Celsius2-8 degrees Celsius
Pack size5ml to multi litre5ml to multi litre5ml to multi litre5ml to multi litre
80nm & 150nm diameter particles available in wt% of 0.01%, 0.15% as dispersions in water