Glantreo has vast knowledge in the manufacture of Mesoporous Silica (MS). For almost 5 years we have supplied large quantities (up to kg quantites) of Mesoporous Silica to our Researcher and Industry partners.

Product Data and References


Applications that our Mesoporous Silicas have been used for include:
  • Phospholipid/phosphoprotein removal
  • Chromatography
  • Drug Delivery
  • Hard Templating
  • Immobilization of Bioactive Molecules
  • Encapsulation of natural oils, flavours and heat sensitive additives
  • Polymer Reinforcement
  • Catalysis
  • Theoretical Confinement Studies


Typical Physical Properties

Purity99.99%Particle MorphologyHexagonally & Cubically Ordered
Particle Sizes10um - 100umPore sizes30A - 80 A


Product Variations

Product CodeDescriptionPore GeometryParticle Size (µm)Pore Size (nm)Pack Size (g)Chemistry
PSBA1510040R-50Hexagonally ordered SBA-15 type mesoporous silica.Hexagonal100450Raw Silica
PSBA1510060R-50Heaxgonally ordered SBA-15 type mesoporous silica.Hexagonal100650Raw Silica
PSBA1510080R-50Heaxgonally ordered SBA-15 type mesoporous silica.Hexagonal100850Raw Silica
PSBA1610060R-50Cubically ordered SBA-16 type mesoporous silica.Cubic100650Raw Silica
PMCM481030R-50Cubically ordered MCM-48 type mesoporous silica.Cubic10350Raw Silica
PMCM4110030R-50Heaxgonally ordered MCM-41 type mesoporous silica.Hexagonal100350Raw Silica
PSBA1515040Ti8-50Heaxgonally ordered SBA-15 type mesoporous silicaHexagonal150450Silica doped with Ti (8%)
PSBA1515040Ti4-50Heaxgonally ordered SBA-15 type mesoporous silicaHexagonal150450Silica doped with Ti (4%)
PMCM4815030Al-50Heaxgonally ordered MCM-48 type mesoporous silica Cubic150350Silica doped with Al


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