SOLAD™ Columns

Glantreo synthesise silica. We identified a gap in the market, monodispersed silica without classification.

1. Highly monodispersed without the need to size classify leading to high chromatographic efficiency

2. Monodensity leading to higher packing stability as there are no macro pores within the particles.

The foundation of any good chromatography column is the stationary phase. We are experts in stationary phases.

SOLAD™ is a proprietary process for manufacture of non porous silica particle for use in HPLC and UHPLC.

Whilst having a low surface area due to the lack of porosity, these particles nonetheless have a high efficiency due to their ultra high monodisperse nature and their favourable surface chemistry. Combining this superior stationary phase with Glantreo’s capability from a binding and packing perspective produces a world-class column.

Product Data and References

Typical Column Properties

Particle Size1.9um (others upon request)
ChemistryC18 (others upon request)
Column Hardware2.1x150, 2.1x250, 2.1x50, 2.1x100, 3.0x100, 3.0x150, 3.0x250, 3.0x50, 4.6x100, 4.6x150, 4.6x250, 4.6x50

Below you will find the different Product variations in our Solad™ Columns range. In order to make them easy to find we have added a search function. To narrow down your selection you can search within a table.
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Product Variations

Product CodeParticle SizePore SizeChemistryHardware SizeGL List
COLNPP1.9NAC182.1501.9NAC182.1 x 50573
COLNPP1.9NAC182.11001.9NAC182.1 x 100743
COLNPP1.9NAC182.11501.9NAC182.1 x 150913
COLNPP1.9NAC182.11501.9NAC182.1 x 2501190
COLNPP1.9NAC183.0501.9NAC183.0 X 50573
COLNPP1.9NAC183.01001.9NAC183.0 x 100743
COLNPP1.9NAC183.01501.9NAC183.0 x 150913
COLNPP1.9NAC183.02501.9NAC183.0 x 2501190
COLNPP1.9NAC184.6501.9NAC184.6 x 50573
COLNPP1.9NAC184.61001.9NAC184.6 x 100743
COLNPP1.9NAC184.61501.9NAC184.6 x 150913
COLNPP1.9NAC184.62501.9NAC184.6 X 2501190