SOLIT™ TiO2 – New Product Launch – Glantreo Ireland

SOLIT™ TiO2 – New Product Launch – Glantreo Ireland

Glantreo have launched of a new TiO2 Platform Technology – SOLIT™. Until now, Glantreo had focused on silica based technologies, however, we have now developed a titanium dioxide  TiO2 platform. SOLIT™ is used to manufacture and modify spherical titanium dioxide particles (200nm to 700nm). Applications include Photocatalysis and High k dielectric material.


  • Purity 99.99%
  • Particle Size Range (200-700nm)
  • State Dried Powder, Solvent Dispersed
  • Functionality based on customer need
  • Morphology Mono-dispersed, non-porous

Applications and Uses

  • Hi K dielectric material (semi-conductor, miniaturization of microelectronic component)
  • Photocatalysis (water treatment, self-cleaning surfaces)
  • Pigments

We are currently looking for feedback and support from users with a specific end use.





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