SOLAS™ Chromatography Bio Columns Product Listing

SOLAS™ Chromatography Bio Columns

Below you will find the different Product variations in our SOLAS™ Bio Column Range. In order to make them easy to find we have added a search function. To narrow down your selection you can search within a table. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ‘Ask and Expert’.

Product CodeParticle Size (um)Pore Size (A)ChemistryHardware Dimension (mm)        
COLFPP1.71000C182.1501.7um1000AC182.1 x 50
COLFPP1.71000C82.1501.7um1000AC82.1 x 50
COLFPP1.71000C42.1501.7um1000AC42.1 x 50
COLFPP1.71000C182.11001.7um1000AC182.1 x 100
COLFPP1.71000C82.11001.7um1000AC82.1 x 100
COLFPP1.71000C42.11001.7um1000AC42.1 x 100
COLFPP1.71000C182.11501.7um1000AC182.1 x 150
COLFPP1.71000C82.11501.7um1000AC82.1 x 150
COLFPP1.71000C42.11501.7um1000AC42.1 x 150
COLFPP1.71000C183.0501.7um1000AC183.0 x 50
COLFPP1.71000C83.0501.7um1000AC83.0 x 50
COLFPP1.71000C43.0501.7um1000AC43.0 x 50
COLFPP1.71000C183.01001.7um1000AC183.0 x 100
COLFPP1.71000C83.01001.7um1000AC83.0 x 100
COLFPP1.71000C43.01001.7um1000AC43.0 x 100
COLFPP1.71000C183.01501.7um1000AC183.0 x 150
COLFPP1.71000C83.01501.7um1000AC83.0 x 150
COLFPP1.71000C43.01501.7um1000AC43.0 x 150
COLFPP1.71000C183.02501.7um1000AC183.0 x 250
COLFPP1.71000C83.02501.7um1000AC83.0 x 250
COLFPP1.71000C43.02501.7um1000AC43.0 x 250
COLFPP1.91000C182.1501.9um1000AC182.1 x 50
COLFPP1.91000C82.1501.9um1000AC82.1 x 50
COLFPP1.91000C42.1501.9um1000AC42.1 x 50
COLFPP1.91000C182.11001.9um1000AC182.1 x 100
COLFPP1.91000C82.11001.9um1000AC82.1 x 100
COLFPP1.91000C42.11001.9um1000AC42.1 x 100
COLFPP1.91000C182.11501.9um1000AC182.1 x 150