Prism Pet Specific Chewable Tablet


Fast acting with controllable CBD dosing derived from Natural US Grown Hemp

  • The Prism Pet Tablet are chewable tablets that are small, easy to take, and are slightly sweet (go ahead, try one, they are for humans too).
  • The Prism Pet Tablets are 6-10mm in diameter, which are less than half the size of the typical glucosamine tablet at 20mm in diameter.
  • With the Prism Pet Tablets, it is easy to find the right dose for your pet versus tinctures, large soft gels, or high calorie treats.
  • The Prism Pet Tablets have only 4 ingredients, 3 of which come directly from from GMP pharmaceutical supply companies: CBD from Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, EMDEX (dextrates), silica, and less than 1% PRUV (sodium stearyl fumarate necessary for tableting).
  • All products have less than 0.3% THC.
  • They do not contain terpenes or other plant based ingredients that could be toxic.
  • They do not contain sugar or sugar alcohols like mannitol or xylitol.
  • They do not contain dairy like lactose or whey.
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Guidelines for Dosing

These are Guidelines, not Rules, so start small…my 30lb dog responds very well to 5-15 mg of CBD per day (1-3 Medium Tablets) but becomes a little sedate if I give her 2 Tablets (10mg CBD) at one time…RESULTS MAY VARY!

For pain, arthritis, and anxiety…start with 1 tablet to ensure your pet tolerates the formulation, safety first! After a few days with 1 tablet, begin 1 tablet in the morning and 1 in the evening…this will maintain a relatively stable amount of CBD for the anti-inflammation, pain relief, and anti-anxiety. For severe pain, you can increase the dose either by an extra tablet in the morning and night or add 1-2 additional time points per day. As you increase the dose, watch for lethargic and sedate behavior as this could be caused by too much CBD, which is the most common side effect. You can then back off the dose to where the pain is reduced/eliminated without the sedation.

For cancer…first off, this is a tough one but hemp extracts have shown to work…that said, CBD is not a panacea, its another tool in the toolbox! Start with 1-2 tablets a day to make sure your pet tolerates the formulation. After a few days, up the dose to 3-6 tablets daily understating that some lethargy and sedation could occur.

CBD per Tablet30 day supply (60 tablets) 90 day supply (180 tablets)
Cats and Small Dogs less than 25 pounds 2.5$90 $70 $270 $140
Medium Dogs between 25 — 65 pounds 5$120 $85 $360 $170
Large Dogs greater than 65 pounds 10$150 $120 $450 $240
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Prism Order Form

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