Internship at Glantreo – We welcome our new interns

We’re pleased to have Mohammed Abujennah and Roy Feehan join our internship programme at Glantreo.

Glantreo have always supported the Department of Chemistry since they instigated the MSc in Analytical Chemistry by training a student in R&D and analytical techniques to complete their studies. We support students in providing a six-month research project internship. This supports their learning in how to work in a testing laboratory and various projects that emerge. This year we wanted to validate an in-house method based on ISO standard method. We support their learning by providing extensive technical and scientific knowledge in a number of analytical techniques including microscopy, BET and EDX, along with report writing, research and presentation skills.  Furthermore, we enhance their learning in how to communicate effectively in academic and industrial circles.

This year, Mohammed begun his internship with Glantreo. He had previously completed a B.Sc Industrial Biochemistry (University of Limerick). He has previous experience as a lab technician in a large MNC pharmaceutical facility. At Glantreo, Mohammed was instrumental in validating an in-house cleanliness procedure based on the standard method ISO16232. The cleanliness test incorporates cleaning automotive components with solvent and sonication. Particulates are measured by filtration and the filters are analysed using microscopy.  There is a pass/fail criteria for weight, size, length and quantity which ensures there is no particulate contamination on the automotive components post cleaning filtration. This procedure is highlighted in Spotlight, Glantreo’s website feature which highlights parameters we can provide along with a basic understanding how they work, their uses, and reasons why we would recommend customers using a particular test.

Expanding our Horizons

Social Media Platforms (Courtesy of BusinessClan)


This is the first year, that Glantreo have taken a Business student from the Msc Economics of Business Practice (University College Cork; UCC). Roy has a BA in Economics and Psychology (UCC) and is a founder member of a campus-based Department of Doughnuts, a pop-up doughnut shop.  The MSc is considered a foundation for understanding business practice and gaining the skills needed to work in a business environment. With all the talk of digital marketing in recent times, we felt it was time to explore if it was time to get Glantreo on the voyage of discovery. As part of his thesis, Roy is developing and implementing the customer relationship management (CRM) system. His research is exploring What impact does social media have on consumer behaviour. So, Roy is exploring social media platforms. And querying what influences our behaviour online. Findings from Roy’s study will influence our behaviour from a marketing perspective and establish the feasibility Glantreo’s presence on social media platforms. Roy is examining the influence of paid partnerships and social influencers from an advertising perspective. His research will analyse the effect over several different characteristics including

  • Demographics
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Location
  • Pet Owner
  • Social Media User
  • Website Advertising


If you are interested in answering the questionnaire, please contact Roy at