Chromatography Technologies for Licensing

Giving Customers and Partners What They Want

What drives us in Glantreo is meeting and exceeding customers and partners requirements and expectations. So we did what any sensible company would do and asked our partners and customers what they wanted. And the result, not surprisingly, was that not all customers want the same. This could be due to relative size, the core competency of staff and company focus.

What we also found was that there were some partners who would like to make their own silica but currently don’t.

The reasons for them wanting to do so often included the following:

  • To have strategic control over one of the key inputs into their chromatography products.
  • To have more flexibility on product specifications and to potentially use this as means of differentiating product.
  • To be able to control costs in the supply chain and potentially use price as a differentiator. Without the cost control price differentiation just results in margin erosion.
  • To part hedge against disruptive technologies by leading and not following.