Applications for Titanium Nanoparticles


SOLIT™ is Glantreos range of non-porous Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) nanospheres. Particle sizes available are between 150 and 900nm.   The low coefficient of variation (CV <15%) value of the SOLIT™ particles is unique amongst other products currently available on the market.   The particles are supplied as aqueous or alcoholic suspensions in a range of concentrations (2.5-10wt%).  As well as low CV values Glantreo’s new TiO2 products offer unique properties such as high dielectric constant (95-105) and high refractive index  (2.488) and can be utilised in dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), lithium ion batteries, bioanalysis, biosensing technologies and photonic crystals.

Background on TiO2

Titanium Dioxide’s high whiteness and opacity, has been used in a range of applications, including paints, pigments, sunscreen, and food colouring.

Titanium Dioxide’s high chemical and optical stability has made it one of the most widely researched semiconductor materials. SOLITs high refractive index TiO2 microspheres makes them ideal candidates for light driven photonic applications. In photocatalytic applications, TiO2 is used: in water splitting technologies; water purification under UV light to kill viruses, bacteria, and to decompose organics; as electrodes for dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs); and building blocks for photonic crystals.

TiO2 microspheres offer high dielectric constant for bio-diagnostic sensing applications, materials for lithium ion batteries, and can also be used as carrier materials in biotechnology.

In these high-tech applications, mesoporous TiO2 microspheres have the optimal morphology for the fabrication of high-quality thin films, offering high packing densities, and reproducible coatings.

Applications for TiO2 Nanoparticles