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Glantreo Ireland – Our Services – Analytical Testing

Analytical Testing – Glantreo performs a diverse range of materials science analyses and services. Using state of the art techniques and extensive expertise in materials testing, we provide rapid and reliable results every time.

We have an extensive range of tests for different types of samples.

We can perform destructive and non destructive analysis. Samples may be in any phase, varying sizes, labile or not. We can often identify unknown samples as well as documenting known products.

Whilst our principle focus is on qualitative, we can also carry out quantitative analytical testing to suit the sample, product, and customer. Due to Customer Demand we have recently developed a Cleanliness Method for Component Parts in the Automotive Industry — based on ISO16232: Cleanliness of components of fluid circuits

Industry Focused Analytical Testing

Our customers both at home and abroad cover the gamut of industries. We provide services for our customers in Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Medical Technology, Chemical, Automotive and Aerospace, Additive Manufacturing, Chemical and Food sectors in over 60 countries. We also support R&D in a variety of ways, providing expertise, materials and testing.

Customer Service

We are committed to Excellent Customer Service. We provide as much hand-holding as required. Along with our broad scope of knowledge in testing. Our expertise includes material science know-how, along with analytical, quality and calibration. We know there are no stupid questions and can guide customers into choosing the right solution.


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