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EU Projects

Glantreo Background & EU Projects Experience

Since it’s foundation over 10 years ago Glantreo has developed a reputation as a credible developer of technologies and processes that allow the production of market relevant nano materials. This work has significantly involved the optimization and scale up of the processes. Our materials and scale have been primarily in the fields of:

  • Chromotography – patented protected nano porous silica particles for use as stationary phases in HPLC columns
  • Sample Prep – patent protected nano porous magnetic particles for use as a tool in diagnostic sample preparation
  • Proteomics – proprietary coating technologies used to create superior protein microarrays
  • Drug Delivery – use of proprietary nano porous inorganic oxides for delivery of drug molecules, enzymes
  • NanoTox – supply of proprietary inorganic nanoparticles for nano toxological testing

Leveraging the experience in these areas, Glantreo has actively participated in innovative research projects at a national and international level. At a national level Glantreo has been an active participant in four Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) strategic research clusters namely BioNanoInteract (PI Prof Ken Dawson, UCD), Solar Energy Cluster (PI Don MacIIroy, UCD), Irish Separations Science Cluster (PI Apryll Stalcup, DCU) and Solid State Pharmacetical Cluster (PI Kieran Hodnett, UL). We would like to think that our research partners hold us in high regard and this is borne out by the regular requests we receive to join different consortiums. At an international level the following are examples of projects and proposals that Glantreo have participated in:

  • Smarter-Si-smart access to Manufacturing for Systems Intergration  (Tyndall National Institute (Horizon 2020) Ireland
  • ITN 2017 Horizon 2020 PHOTO-EMULSION, Univertsity Haut Alsace Prof Abraham Chemtob
  • NanoInteract (STREP FP7) – PI Prof. Ken Dawson (UCD, Dublin). Development of a platform and toolkit for understanding interactions between nanoparticles and the living world.
  • BIOTRACER_IP (Integrated Project FP6) – PI Prof Martin Wagner (University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna). Improved bio traceability of unintended micro-organism and their substances in food and feed chains.

Glantreo & Horizon 2020

Glantreo is actively looking for the correct partners, as part of an overall consortium, to deliver innovative research under the various topics. Because of our extensive experience we believe that our materials and knowledge is relevant to many topics and across NMP, ICT and Health. Contact us to discuss in detail.



Glantreo & Horizon Europe
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