Selenium Nanoparticle Passive Conjugation Kits

In recent years Glantreo has developed and refined a process for the manufacture of monodisperse selenium nanoparticles over a range of sizes. These nano particles have been used in lateral flow tests and validated by independent parties as an alternative to gold nanoparticles. Glantreo offers these particles in 250 and 350 nm sizes.


The robust method of production ensures nanoparticles are dependably spherical and monodisperse. From an end application perspective, this consistency in production ensures more even antibody binding and greater reliability for conjugation, and therefore better consistency for your assay application.

Selenium nanoparticles are compatible with passive adsorption for the attachment of proteins.  In practical terms, this is an easy and flexible method where the nanoparticles and the protein of interest are mixed in solution and incubated together. The mechanism for attachment by this method is based on hydrophobic interaction, van der waals forces and ionic interactions. Optimisation of the binding of the protein to the nanoparticle is key. As the Fc part of protein is more hydrophobic than the Fab region (the part that binds to the target of interest), it is more likely to be adsorbed, and bind in the most biologically active orientation. For the ionic forces to be utilised effectively, the pH of the mixture must be kept at or near the isoelectric point (PI) of the protein. If pH is above or below the PI, this can cause desorption of the protein from the nanoparticle and binding at suboptimal angles for biological activity. Therefore, to prevent this from happening the pH must be carefully controlled. Adding protein in excess is also recommended to ensure upright optimal angle of absorption to the nanoparticle surface.

Glantreo SeNP are highly stable across the pH range of 5.3 to 9.3. The SeNP passive adsorption kit provides buffers between these pH, for quick and easy adjustment of pH to match the PI of your protein of interest. Glantreo has been producing quality nanomaterial for 10 years in an ISO 9001 certified operation.  Technical support is always at hand and a quick delivery of your order is assured.


+ Lateral flow assays

+ Fluorescence microscopy

+ In vivo imaging

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Conjugation Kit Contents

In addition to 5ml OD20 of either 250nm or 350nm SeNP, each kit includes 11 buffers in the 5.3 to 9.3pH range along with 10% W/V NaCl. Full details available, please fee feel to ‘Ask an Expert’.