Silica Gel for Liquid Chromatography SOLAS™

SOLAS™ silica gel for liquid chromatography is Glantreo’s synthesise silica. We identified a gap in the market, monodispersed silica without classification.

1. Highly monodispersed without the need to size classify leading to high chromatographic efficiency

2. Monodensity leading to higher packing stability as there are no macro pores within the particles.

3. ‘Hard Silica’ (produced with heat during manufacturing) leads to greater stability and longevity of material and columns.

The foundation of any good chromatography column is the stationary phase. We are experts in stationary phases.

SOLAS™ silica gel for liquid chromatography MonoDense™ is a proprietary process for the industries first monodense fully porous silica particle for use in HPLC and UHPLC.

Have you ever imaged fully porous silica particles using state of the art focused ion beam (FIB) milling techniques (normally utilised in microfabrication environments)? If you did you would find that the inside of traditional fully porous silica particles contains voids or holes. These voids can be up to an order of magnitude bigger than the pore size of the silica. These holes or voids cause mass transfer issues which can lead to peak broadening, peak tailing and ultimately losses in efficiency. By comparison the SOLAS™ MonoDense™ particles are monodense and contain a homogeneous pore structure which allows for the efficient transfer of analytes into and out of the silica pore structure, thereby leading to more efficient and effective chromatography. Additionally, the Glantreo particles represent a media that is easier to pack with a reduced failure rate in packing.

Product Data and References

Typical Physical Properties

Parcticle Sizes1.7um, 1.9um, 3um, 5um
Pore Size100A
Pore Volume0.65 cm3g-1
Surface Area300 m2g-1
ChemistryRaw Powder, C18, C8, C4 (others upon request)
Carbon Coverage14% (C18)
Bonding Density2.4umol/m2
Reduced Plate Height<2.5

Product Variations

Below you will find the different variations in our SOLAS™ Silica Gel For LC range. In order to make them easy to find we have added a search function. To narrow down your selection you can search within a table. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ‘Ask and Expert’.

Product CodeParticle SizePore SizePack sizeFunctionalisation
PFPP1.7100R-101.7um100A10gRaw silica
PFPP1.7100R-501.7um100A50gRaw silica
PFPP1.9100R-101.9um100A10gRaw silica
PFPP1.9100R-501.9um100A50gRaw silica
PFPP3.0100R-103um100A10gRaw silica
PFPP3.0100R-503um100A50gRaw silica
PFPP5.0100R-105um100A10gRaw silica
PFPP5.0100R-505um100A50gRaw silica

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